PEACE Network Topology

Potential Landing Country
  • Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Italy, Libya, Sudan, Djibouti, Gulf Countries (Oman, UAE, …), etc.
  • Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.
  • Southern Africa: South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, etc.


Trunk Station

Branch Station

Project Details

Ready for Service
2022 (Singapore Extension to 2024)
15000+ km in service with a total planned length of 25,000+ km
Desigh life
25 years
Connecting Singapore, Pakistan, Kenya, Egypt, France and countries along the route, with planned extension to South Africa
Designed Capacity
Up to 24Tbps per fiber pair
BU Technology
ROADM powered by WSS and Flexible Grid

Project Timeline


  • PEACE Cable International Network CO., LTD was formed in Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Supply contract for PEACE Cable System comes into force
  • Start the desktop study
  • Complete the desktop study
  • Start the marine survey
  • Start the equipment and submarine cable manufacturing
  • Start the wet plant integration
  • Complete the marine survey
  • Start landing station equipment installation
  • Complete all submarine cable manufacturing and system integration.
  • Complete the Abu Talat & Zafarana (Egypt), Marseille (France), Malta landing
  • Complete the final splice of Egypt-France segment
  • Complete the Seychelles and Mombasa, Kenya landing
  • Complete the final splice of Pakistan-Egypt segment
  • Complete the final splice of Kenya segment to enable the connection of France, Egypt, Pakistan and Kenya
  • PEACE Cable System goes live
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022

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